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Federal and District Government Projects

Senate Park Commission general plan, popularly known as the McMillan Plan, 1902.

When the Commission of Fine Arts was first established, it was charged with approval of the selection and location of statues, fountains and monuments on public land within the District of Columbia. Over time, projects under the Commission's purview grew to include the designs of Federal and District government buildings, coins and medals and heraldic designs by the Heraldic Branch, Quartermaster Corps, of the Department of the Army. The design review of works erected by the American Battle Monuments Commission and under the Commemorative Works Act also became the responsibility of the Commission. Additionally, the Commission advises the National Capital Planning Commission on the selection of land for the National Capital park and parkway systems. These projects are considered direct submissions.

There are two levels of review for direct submissions, concept and final. For an initial concept review, the Commission recommends that several design alternatives be provided for consideration. Typically, a concept design for a new project is reviewed before the completion of the schematic design phase. The final review of a project should occur at a point where no significant design changes are anticipated.

Many submissions may require multiple reviews, especially for large, highly significant or complex projects, which could require separate reviews for each component of the submission. While particular requirements can and will vary according to the nature of the project, the requirements for concept and final reviews should serve as a general guideline.

Applicants are encouraged to consult with the staff, as early as possible after a design project is initiated, as well as during the projectís design development. A consultation meeting with the staff should be arranged prior to submitting the project for either a concept or final review.

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Last Modified: April 13, 2006