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Submission Requirements for Direct Submission Final Review

Applicants submitting for a final review must submit: 10 copies of a project booklet that contains reduced copies of the graphic materials listed below in either an 11 x 17 or 8 x 11 format; one set of all presentation boards or a PowerPoint presentation on a CD-ROM disk that includes copies of the graphic materials listed below; and one set of the construction documents and drawings. The final project submission package should contain the following:

  • Letter requesting review signed by the authorized agency representative

  • Vicinity map of the project area

  • Site plan (including a plat of the property if available)

  • Photographs of the existing site and surrounding area

  • Floor and roof plans (existing and proposed)

  • Elevations (existing and proposed)

  • Landscape plan with topographic contour lines and plant material list

  • All construction details (final construction drawings and specification documents)

  • Rendered perspectives and/or three-dimensional massing/modeling drawings as appropriate

  • Scale models as appropriate, especially for complex building forms (photographs of the models should be included in the project booklet)

  • Samples of all exterior building materials and finishes

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Last Modified: April 13, 2006