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Meeting of the Commission of Fine Arts

17 November 2005

Agenda with Links to Letters

10:00 AM CONVENE, Suite 312, 401 F Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20001-2728


Approval of minutes:
20 October 2005

Dates of next meetings:
19 January 2006
16 February 2006
16 March 2006
(Note: the 15 December 2005 meeting has been canceled.)

Report on the morningís site inspection.

Confirmation of the last two recommendations from last monthís meeting after the loss of a quorum.

Submissions and Reviews


Appendix I - Direct Submission Consent Calendar

Appendix II - Shipstead-Luce Act Submissions

Appendix III - Old Georgetown Act Submissions

United States Institute of Peace

CFA 17/NOV/05-1, United States Institute of Peace. 23rd Street and Constitution Avenue, NW. New headquarters building. Revised concept. (Previous: CFA 21/NOV/02-2).

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

CFA 17/NOV/05-2, National Law Enforcement Museum, Judiciary Square (Federal Reservation #7), E Street between Court Buildings E and C, and north of Old City Hall. Revised concept for central plaza skylight. (Previous: CFA 17/FEB/05-5).

National Park Service

CFA 17/NOV/05-3, Lincoln Memorial Circle. Perimeter security barriers on east side. Revised concept. (Previous: CFA 21/JUL/05-2).

Smithsonian Institution

CFA 17/NOV/05-4, National Museum of Natural History, Constitution Avenue at 10th Street, NW. Perimeter security barriers. Concept. (Previous: CFA 15/JUL/04-7, National Air and Space Museum, and CFA 15/JAN/04- 6, SI Mall museums security plan).

District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

Shipstead-Luce Act

S.L. 06-026, LíEnfant Plaza, 10th Street Promenade, SW. Three new mixed-used buildings including the National Childrenís Museum. Revised landscape concept. (Previous: S.L. 05-003, 20 October 2005).

S.L. 06-027 and S.L. 06-0 28, 51 Louisiana Avenue, NW. New office building to replace existing 4-level parking garage. Alternate revised concepts for either a 12-story or a 10-story building. (Previous: S.L. 05-043, 17 March 2005).

S.L. 06-029, 3910 Shoemaker Street, NW. Republic of Hungary. Renovation and re-cladding of existing embassy building and a new residential and chancery office building. Concept.

Old Georgetown Act

O.G. 05-283, Wormley School, 3325 Prospect Street, NW. Alterations for condominiums in historic school building and six new single family townhouses in school yard. Concept.

General Services Administration

CFA 17/NOV/05-5, Internal Revenue Service, 111 Constitution Avenue, NW. Temporary perimeter security planters. Final. (Previous: CFA 20/SEP/01-8).

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