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Meeting of the Commission of Fine Arts

20 April 2006

10:00 AM CONVENE, Suite 312, 401 F Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001-2728


Approval of minutes:
16 March 2006

Dates of next meetings:
18 May 2006
15 June 2006
20 July 2006

Publication of submission requirements for direct applicants.

Submissions and Reviews


Appendix I - Direct Submission Consent Calendar

Appendix II - Shipstead-Luce Act Submissions

Appendix III - Old Georgetown Act Submissions

Department of Defense

CFA 20/APR/06-1, The Pentagon. Arlington, Virginia. The Pentagon Memorial for the Victims of September 11, 2001. Revised concept. (Previous: CFA 19/JUN/03-3)

CFA 20/APR/06-2, The Pentagon. Arlington, Virginia, Pentagon Central Courtyard. Replacement building for the Center Court Cafe. Revised concept. (Previous: CFA 19/JUN/03-6)

National Park Service

CFA 20/APR/06-3, Georgetown Waterfront Park Project, Phase III. Shoreline Pedestrian Promenade along the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway between the terminus of Virginia Avenue, N.W. and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Concept.

American Battle Monuments Commission

CFA 20/APR/06-4, World War II Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. Omaha Beach, Colleville-sur-Mer, France. Inscriptions and signs for new visitor center. Final. (Previous: CFA 15/SEP/05-6)

Department of the Army / Institute of Heraldry

CFA 20/APR/06-5, Global War on Terrorism Civilian Service Medal for the Department of Defense. Obverse, reverse, ribbon, and lapel pin designs. Final.

General Services Administration

CFA-20/APR/06-6, Office of Personnel Management, Theodore Roosevelt Building, 1900 E Street, N.W. Perimeter security modifications. Concept. (Previous: CFA 16/SEP/99-8)

Department of Defense / Department of the Navy

CFA 20/APR/06-7, Bolling Air Force Base. Main gate, MacDill Boulevard, South Capitol Street and Malcolm X Avenue, S.E. Replacement entrance gates and security screening facility. Concept and Final. (Previous: CFA 23/JUL/98-4)

District of Columbia Courts

CFA 20/APR/06-8, The H. Carl Moultrie I Courthouse, 500 Indiana Avenue, N.W. Building alterations to the main entrance. Concept.

District of Columbia Office of Property Management

CFA 20/APR/06-9, Eastern Market, 225 7th Street, S.E. Building rehabilitation and additions. Concept.

District of Columbia Department of Transportation

CFA 20/APR/06-10, The Starburst Intersection at H and 15th Streets, Maryland and Florida Avenues, and Bladensburg and Benning Roads, N.E. Reconfiguration of traffic lanes and new pedestrian plaza. Revised design - Final. (Previous: CFA 16/FEB/06-6)

District of Columbia Public Schools

CFA 20/APR/06-11, The School Without Walls (formerly the Grant School), 2130 G St N.W. Renovation and additions. Concept.

District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

Shipstead-Luce Act

S.L. 06-070, George Washington University, Square 80 Residence Hall, F Street, N.W. (between 21st and 22nd Streets). New ten-story dormitory building. Concept.

S.L. 06-065, Courtyard Marriott Hotel, 575 20th Street, N.W. New nine-story hotel building. Concept.

S.L. 06-063, 51 Louisiana Avenue, N.W. New 10-story office building to replace existing 4-level parking garage. Revised concept (materials selection). (Previous: S.L. 05-043, 17 March 2005)

S.L. 06-056, Lafayette Tower, 801 17th Street, N.W. New eleven-story office building. Revised concept. (Previous: 16 March 2006)

Old Georgetown Act

O.G. 06-160, 901 30th Street, N.W., Lano Armada Harbourside LLC Alterations to the North Building penthouse. Permit. (Previous: O.G. 04-197)
Item Exhibit

O.G. 06-115, 901 30th Street, N.W., Lano Armada Harbourside LLC - House of Sweden. Brick street and sidewalk paving, bollards, and flagpoles in public space. Public space permit.
Item Exhibit

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