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Consent Calendar
17 April 2008

CFA Number: CFA 17/APR/08-a
Owner(s): U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Washington Aqueduct
Address: Dalecarlia Water Treatment Plant - 5900 Mac Arthur Boulevard, N.W.
Description: New hypochlorite system facility - Final

RECOMMENDATION: No objection to the construction of a one-story brick building, including site improvements, for a new hypochlorite system facility as shown in materials received and dated 3 April 2008.

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CFA Number: CFA 17/APR/08-b
Owner(s): Department of the Navy - Bolling Air Force Base
Address: Duncan Avenue - Construct Operation Facility (ConOps)
Description: New one-story building - Concept

RECOMMENDATION: See attached letter signed and dated 25 April 2008. File new submission with revised concept design.

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CFA Number: CFA 17/APR/08-c
Owner(s): District of Columbia Courts - The H. Carl Moultrie I Courthouse
Address: 500 Indiana Avenue, N.W. -
Description: Alterations to the main entrance plaza - Final

RECOMMENDATION: Project approved by delegation. See letter dated 26 March 2008. (Previous: CFA 15/FEB/07-8). ACTION PREVIOUSLY DELEGATED TO STAFF

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Last Modified: May 5, 2008