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Consent Calendar
20 March 2008

CFA Number: CFA 20/MAR/08-a
Owner(s): District of Columbia - Office of Property Management
Address: Bruce School Building (Cesar Chavez Preparatory Charter School) - 770 Kenyon Avenue, N.W.
Description: Renovation, alterations, and elevator addition - Final

RECOMMENDATION: No objection to the renovation of and alterations to the historic Bruce School Building, including the installation of a new elevator addition, as shown in materials received and dated 28 February 2008. Refer to the Historic Preservation Review Board.

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CFA Number: CFA 20/MAR/08-b
Owner(s): National Park Service - National World War II Memorial
Address: National Mall at 17th Street -
Description: Walkway widening - Final

RECOMMENDATION No objection to the installation of two-foot wide extension to the existing walkways adjacent to the outer edge of the National World War II Memorial as shown in material received and dated 12 March 2008, provided the paving material matches the existing walks in color and texture. The widening of these walkways conforms to previous recommendations made by the Commission (see letter dated 6 December 2004).

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Last Modified: March 24, 2008