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Meeting of the Commission of Fine Arts

16 July 2009

10:00 A.M. CONVENE, Suite 312, 401 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001-2728

I. Administration

A. Approval of minutes:
18 June 2009

B. Dates of next meetings:
17 September 2009
15 October 2009
19 November 2009

C. Report on position announcement for hiring a temporary historian posted on the USAJOBS website.

II. Submissions and Reviews

A. Appendices

Appendix I — Direct Submission Consent Calendar

Appendix II — Shipstead-Luce Act Submissions

Appendix III — Old Georgetown Act Submissions

B. National Park Service

1. CFA 16/JUL/09-1, American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, Square 580, Washington Avenue (Canal Street), 2nd and C Streets, SW. Architectural site design - Final / Inscriptions and art work - Revised concept. (Previous: CFA 21/MAY/09-2)

2. CFA 16/JUL/09-2, Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and Grounds, West Potomac Park. Rehabilitation of pool, landscape improvements for Elm Walks, and installation of security barriers for east plaza of the Memorial. Concept. (Previous: CFA 18/SEP/08-3, temporary security barriers)

3. CFA 16/JUL/09-3, West Potomac Park Levee Project, 17th Street, south of Constitution Avenue, NW. Phase II, Landscape design and material selection for levee walls. Final. (Previous: CFA 16/APR/09-01)

C. Department of the Treasury / U.S. Mint

CFA 16/JUL/09-4, Medal for Edmund C. Moy, Director of the United States Mint. Revised reverse design for bronze medal and duplicates. Final. (Previous: CFA 20/NOV/08-7)

D. Federal Reserve System

CFA 16/JUL/09-5, William McChesney Martin, Jr. Building, 2000 C Street, NW. Additions and alterations for visitor screening and conference center. Concept.

E. National Archives and Records Administration

CFA 16/JUL/09-6, National Archives Building, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Building identification, directional, and exhibition signs. Revised design/Final. (Previous: CFA 19/FEB/09-7)

F. District of Columbia Office of Planning

CFA 16/JUL/09-7, New York Avenue Public Art Program. Exhibition of sculpture on the median of New York Avenue between 9th and 13th Streets, NW. Infrastructure, typical art installation and program operation. Concept/Final.

G. District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities

CFA 16/JUL/09-8, Adams Morgan Public Art Project, Plaza at 18th Street and Columbia Road, NW. Installation of sculpture, decorative paving, and streetscape elements. Concept.

H. District of Columbia Public Library

CFA 16/JUL/09-9, Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Library, 3160 16th Street, NW. Addition and renovation. Revised concept. (Previous: CFA 18/JUN/09-6)

I. District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

Shipstead-Luce Act

SL 09-090 (HPA 09-323), 224 2nd Street SE (Square 762, Lot 07). Watterston House (National Indian Gaming Association). Rear addition, building alterations, and landscaping. Revised concept. (Previous: SL 09-001, Feb. 2009)

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