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Meeting of the Commission of Fine Arts

18 November 2010

10:00 A.M. CONVENE, Suite 312, 401 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001-2728

I. Administration

A. Approval of minutes:
21 October 2010

B. Dates of next meetings:
20 January 2011
17 February 2011
17 March 2011

C. Report on site inspection of the Southwest Waterfront redevelopment area.

II. Submissions and Reviews

A. Appendices

Appendix I — Direct Submission Consent Calendar

Appendix II — Shipstead-Luce Act Submissions

Appendix III — Old Georgetown Act Submissions

B. District of Columbia Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development / Hoffman-Struever Waterfront, LLC

CFA 18/NOV/10-1, Southwest Waterfront Development Master Plan. Area bounded by Washington Channel and Maine Avenue, SW between the Case Memorial Bridge and the Titanic Memorial/Ft McNair. Information presentation.

C. National Park Service

CFA 18/NOV/10-2, National Mall. Center lawn panels (#29, 30, and 33) between 3rd and 7th Streets. Reconstruction of the turf and soil, and installation of an irrigation system and new granite curbs and gutters. Final. (Previous: CFA 20/MAY/10-2)

D. Department of the Treasury / U.S. Mint

1. CFA 18/NOV/10-3, American Eagle Platinum Coin Program for 2011. Reverse design. (Previous: CFA 18/MAR/10-1)

2. CFA 18/NOV/10-4, 2011 Presidential One Dollar Coin Program. Revised designs for the reverses of two of the fifth set of four First Spouse $10 gold coins and bronze medals: Eliza Johnson and Lucy Hayes. Final. (Previous: CFA 15/JUL/10-5)

E. General Services Administration

CFA 18/NOV/10-5, National Capital Region First Impressions Sign Program. New building / agency identification sign program for Federal facilities. Revised concept. (Previous review: CFA 21/JUL/05-8)

F. District of Columbia Courts

CFA 18/NOV/10-6, The H. Carl Moultrie I Courthouse. 500 Indiana Avenue, NW. Building addition and site modifications. Revised concept. (Previous: CFA 21/OCT/10-9)

G. District of Columbia Department of Transportation

CFA 18/NOV/10-7, Old Georgetown Historic District Tree Fences. Standards for fencing around tree beds at various sites. Concept.

H. District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

Shipstead-Luce Act

1. SL 11-010, 1700 New York Avenue, NW (Corcoran Gallery of Art). New eight-story office building. Concept. (Previous: SL 08-131)

2. SL 11-021, 2300-2310 Connecticut Avenue, NW. Government of the People's Republic of China. New chancery and embassy staff residential building. Concept.

Old Georgetown Act

OG 11-007, 1703 32nd Street, NW. Dumbarton Oaks. Addition at the Orangery and skylight replacement. Concept.

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