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Meeting of the Commission of Fine Arts

18 July 2013

9:00 A.M. CONVENE, National Building Museum Auditorium, Room 121 (ground floor), 401 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001–2728

I. Submissions and Reviews

A. National Park Service

CFA 18/JUL/13–1, Dwight D. Eisenhower National Memorial. Intersection of Maryland and Independence Avenues, between 4th and 6th Streets, SW. Concept. (Previous: CFA 15/SEP/11–1)

RECONVENE, Following the Eisenhower Memorial presentation, the meeting will reconvene in Suite 312.

II. Administration

A. Approval of minutes:
20 June 2013

B. Dates of next meetings:
19 September 2013
17 October 2013
21 November 2013

C. Proposed 2014 schedule of meetings and submission deadlines for the Commission and Old Georgetown Board.

D. Appointment of H. Alan Brangman, AIA, and the re–appointment of David Cox, FAIA to the Old Georgetown Board.

E. Confirmation of recommendation from the June 2013 meeting after the loss of a quorum:

SL 13–085, Watergate Hotel, 2650 Virginia Avenue, NW. Building modifications and additions. Final. (Previous: SL 11–118, July 2011)

B. Appendices

Appendix I – Direct Submission Consent Calendar

Appendix II – Shipstead–Luce Act Submissions

Appendix III – Old Georgetown Act Submissions

C. Smithsonian Institution

CFA 18/JUL/13–2, National Museum of African American History and Culture, 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW. Revised landscape design. Final. (Previous: CFA 18/APR/13–2)

D. General Services Administration

CFA 18/JUL/13–3, Old Post Office Building and Annex, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Building renovations, rehabilitation, modernization, and alterations for redevelopment into hotel and conference center. Revised concept. (Previous: CFA 18/APR/13–5)

E. District of Columbia Public Library

CFA 18/JUL/13–4, Woodridge Neighborhood Library, 1801 Hamlin Street, NE (at the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and 18th Street). New replacement building. Revised concept. (Previous: CFA 16/MAY/13–2)

F. District of Columbia Department of General Services

CFA 18/JUL/13–5, Brookland Middle School, 1150 Michigan Avenue, NE. Replacement school building. Concept.

G. District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

Shipstead–Luce Act

SL 13–088, 4664 Broad Branch Road, NW. New single–family house. Concept.

H. Department of the Treasury / U.S. Mint

1. CFA 18/JUL/13–6, Congressional Gold Medal to honor the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing Victims. Designs for a gold medal and bronze duplicates. Final.

2. CFA 18/JUL/13–7, Civil Rights Act of 1964 Commemorative Coin program. Designs for one–dollar silver coin. Final.

3. CFA 18/JUL/13–8, 2014 Native American One Dollar Coin. Designs for reverse. Final. (Previous: CFA 20/SEP/12–8)

4. CFA 18/JUL/13–9, National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin program. Obverse designs for five–dollar gold, one–dollar silver, and half–dollar clad coins. Final. (Previous: CFA 21/MAR/13–9, reverse design)

I. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

CFA 18/JUL/13–10, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. 2700 F Street, NW. Expansion project. Information presentation.

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