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Report of the Old Georgetown Board to the Commission of Fine Arts

19 September 2013

OG 13–307 (HPA 13–529)
3700 O Street, NW (Square 1321, Lot 1)
Georgetown University – Athletic Training Facility
New construction
Concept – design development
(Reviewed by OGB: 4 Sep. 2013; 4 Oct., (CFA 18 Oct. 2012), 5 July 2012 – OG 12–291; General concept approved 5 Apr. (CFA 19 Apr.); 1 Mar. 2012, 6 Oct. 2011 – OG 11–282)

REPORT: In October 2012, the Commission reviewed a revised concept design for the new athletic training facility to be built abutting the southeast corner of McDonough Gymnasium at Georgetown University, near the western edge of the campus. The Commission directed the applicant to pursue clarification in the design and resolve details. Since then, the Old Georgetown Board (OGB) has reviewed revised concept designs for a four–story structure (plus one underground level) with a courtyard. In its meeting of 4 September 2013, the OGB recommended revised concept approval for the design with comments.

The OGB recommended lowering the first floor window sills on the south pavilions of the east and west elevations and creating a double–height space at the stone associated with the former entrance to McDonough Gymnasium.

RECOMMENDATION: No objection to concept design for the Athletic Training Facility as shown in drawings dated 22 August 2013. Recommend further development of the proportions of windows and double–height atrium at entrance to McDonough Gymnasium.

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