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Report of the Old Georgetown Board to the Commission of Fine Arts

19 June 2014

OG 14–170 (HPA 14–341)
3700 O Street, NW (Square 1321, Lot 827)
Georgetown University
New construction residence hall
Concept design development
(Reviewed: CFA 20 Mar. 2014, 6 Mar. 2014 – OG 14–055; 5 Dec. 2013 – OG 14–011; 3 July 2013 – OG 13–249)

REPORT: In its meeting of 20 March 2014, the Commission reviewed and approved the concept design for the new eight–story residence hall to be located in the northeast quadrant of the main campus of Georgetown University. The Commission supported the siting, planning, massing and the general architectural character of the project but recommended design development of the northwestern corner of the building with less stone cladding, refinement of the proportions and detailing of the typical windows, and further development of the detail of the stone base and metal channel as it intersects adjacent grade. In addition, the Commission recommended the use of the standard light pole as part of the established public space design for the campus.

The Old Georgetown Board (OGB) reviewed the design development drawings at its meeting on 5 June. Of the various options reviewed, the OGB recommended the option with a continuous metal channel above the stone base, separated from the stone sills of the windows above, and with residential proportions for the windows, the paired ones refined with a stone mullion. The OGB recommended the relocation of the cross to the stone wall at the south entrance, adding/extending a wood soffit under the projecting canopy above the entrance at the northwestern corner, elimination of the fence enclosure at the open rear patio, and the use of the campus standards to retain the sense and character of the campus as a unique environment.

RECOMMENDATION: No objection to concept design development for new residential building as shown in supplemental drawings dated 11 June 2014 which indicate a consistent top to the metal lintel and detailing for windows with residential proportions and stone mullions. Recommend open patio at rear not enclosed with fencing, cross relocated on south tower, a wood soffit under canopy at northwest entrance, and use of campus standards (benches, light fixtures, pavers, etc.) to retain sense of a unique campus experience. File new submission at DCRA of construction drawings, including details, dimensions, and landscape plan with permit application for review by the Commission.

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