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Meetings of the Commission of Fine Arts and the Old Georgetown Board

The Commission of Fine Arts and the Old Georgetown Board review projects at monthly meetings that are open to the general public. The Commission meetings are regularly held on the third Thursday of each month and the Board meetings are regularly held on the first Thursday of each month, unless otherwise noted in the meetings schedule. Neither the Commission nor the Board meets in August. Commission and Board recommendations for project designs are valid for four years.


Commission and Board meetings generally last an entire day. Draft agendas are available for each meeting one week in advance, and are posted on this website on the Friday before the meeting. Because it is not possible to predict the amount of time that will be spent in considering any given project, applicants cannot be given a specific or approximate time for any particular project review.


Appendices in draft form contain recommendations to the Commission for construction projects within the jurisdictions of the Shipstead-Luce and Old Georgetown Acts. Recommendations on the Shipstead-Luce Appendix are made by staff and recommendations on the Old Georgetown Appendix are made by the Old Georgetown Board. The appendices are submitted to the Commission on a monthly basis. They remain in draft form until reviewed by the Commission at their meeting. If the Commission makes no changes, the drafts are approved as submitted. Changes suggested by the Commission are reflected in the final, or approved, appendices.

Minutes and Recommendations

The Minutes of the Commission of Fine Arts meetings are the official record of the meeting. Letters sent to applicants shortly after the meeting, detailing the Commissions' recommendations, are also part of the official record. The Minutes are available to the public once the Commission has reviewed and approved them. The Minutes of one meeting are generally reviewed and, unless changes are required, approved at the meeting immediately following.

An archive of Commission documents is maintained on this website beginning with the October 2002 meeting.

Last Modified: July 23, 2007