CFA 15/FEB/07-9


Alfred Kieger Savoy Elementary School
2400 Shannon Place, SE
United States

D.C. Public Schools
Alfred Kieger Savoy Elementary School
Renovation, alterations, and additions
Review Type


Dear Ms. Battle:

In its meeting of 15 February, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed and approved the concept for renovation of the Savoy School at 2400 Shannon Place, SE. The Commission members appreciated the composition and sophistication of the proposed design. They expressed support for a palette of blue, green, and white for the existing building's facades and recommended that the proposed yellow glass not be used. They commented that the playground areas did not seem well integrated into the design and recommended that these be studied further. The Commission members also expressed concern about the character of the fencing along the sidewalk of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue.

The Commission delegated review of the final design to the staff. Please contact us as the design is further developed.


/s/Thomas Luebke, AIA

Jennifer Battle
D.C. Public Schools, Office of Facilities Management
Penn Center – 3rd floorv 1709 3rd Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002

cc: Elise Robinson, Bowie Gridley Architects