CFA 15/JAN/04-14


Alice Deal Middle School
3815 Fort Drive, NW (in Fort Reno Park)
United States

D.C. Public Schools
Alice Deal Middle School
Renovation and additions
Review Type


Dear Ms. Woodhead:

During its meeting of 15 January, the Commission approved.the proposed concept for the renovations and additions to Alice Deal Middle School located in Fort Reno Park. The Commission commends the school district and project team for saving the historic school while developing an addition that meets contemporary needs, both programmatically and aesthetically.

The Commission looks forward to continued review of this project as it progresses to the next phase of design. AB always, the staff is available should you or the design team have questions or need guidance. ·


Charles H. Atherton Secretary

Ms. Sarah Woodhead, AlA
Chief of Facilities
District of Columbia Public Schools
Office of Facilities Management
1709 3rd Street, NE, Penn Center
Washington, DC 20002

cc: Jeffery Luker, AlA, Quinn Evans Architects