CFA 15/MAY/03-6


International Center
Northwest corner of Van Ness Street and International Court, NW
United States

U.S. Department of State
International Chancery Center
Guard booth
Review Type
Revised design-final
Previous Review


Dear Ms. Mavritte:

During its meeting 15 May 2003, the Commission reviewed and approved the revised design for the proposed guard post for the International Center to be located at the northwest comer of Van Ness Street and International Court. The design, as approved, will be the prototype for the four additional posts at the Center.

The vertical lines added to the coursing of the base below the windows will both improve the vertical appearance of the booth and provide it with a character of security, strength and permanence. On the other hand, the proposed bollards were considered not to be in scale and proportion to the guard booth, and should be deleted from the plan as they are not a security requirement. The paving on which the post is sited should be of one hard landscape material and the grass areas should be deleted. The members felt that the dark green color for the new vinyl roof should be used on the metal fascia above the windows as well.

Please forward the revised drawings to the staff for confirmation.

Harry G. Robinson III, FAIA

Donna Mavritte
Project Manger
International Chancery Center
United States Department of State
Washington DC 20520