CFA 15/SEP/05-5


Georgetown Waterfront Park
United States

National Park Service
Georgetown Waterfront Park
bounded by the Potomac River and Water Street, from the Francis Scott Key Bridge to the terminus of 31st Street
Review Type
Revised concept for overlook structures
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Dear Mr. Lawler:

During its last meeting of 15 September, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed and approved the revised concept design for the proposed elements to be placed in the three overlook areas at the Georgetown Waterfront Park. Although the members felt the revised design was an improvement over the previously proposed scheme of illuminated masts and benches, they noted several issues of concern and asked the project team to resolve them in the development of the design.

The Commission members continued to support the placement of seating in these overlooks along the river. However, they suggested that shade trees or a shading device for the benches may be appropriate considering the strong summer heat in Washington D.C., especially given that the seats are to be granite, a material that may become uncomfortably hot in direct sunlight. In addition, the attractiveness of the sloping granite panels for skateboarding may result in damage to the granite by their use as skateboard ramps. Deterrents to skateboarding, such as the proposed granite cobbles proposed for the surrounding paving in the overlooks, should be incorporated in the design as it develops. The Commission stressed that careful detailing of the granite benches and paving panels is essential for the success of this design proposal.

We look forward to the review of further detailing of the benches and overlooks, as well as the interpretive panels at a concept level of development, at your earliest convenience. As always, the staff is available to assist you.


/s/Thomas Luebke, AIA

Joseph M. Lawler, Regional Director
National Capital Region
National Park Service
1100 Ohio Drive, SW
Washington, DC 20242

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