CFA 16/MAR/06-11


Dupont Circle Metro Station, North entrance
United States

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Dupont Circle Metro Station, North entrance
Art installation of poetry inscriptions
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Dear Mr. Tangherlini:

In the meeting of 16 March, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed the proposed installation of poetry inscriptions at the north entrance of the Dupont Circle Metro Station. The members found the two selected poems, E. Ethelbert Miller's We Embrace and Walt Whitman's The Wound-Dresser, appropriate for the theme of the project. The Commission had no objection to the installation of the new bench surrounded by pavement inscribed with the Miller poem. However, for the Whitman poem, they recommended that it be inscribed on the inside face of the circular wall surrounding the station entrance, where it would be more visible to provide interest and inspiration. Moving the inscription from the outside face to the interior face of the wall would also prevent the inscription from being obscured by the unsightly newspaper boxes that currently surround the Metro entrance.

Please forward revised drawings when they are ready for final review which has been delegated to the Commission staff. As always, the staff is available to assist you and to help coordinate the final submittal.


Thomas Luebke, AIA

Dan Tangherlini
Interim General Manager/CEO
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
600 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

cc: Michael McBride, WMATA