CFA 16/NOV/06-1


American Veterans Disabled for LIFE Memorial
Square 580, Washington Avenue (Canal Street), 2nd and C Streets, SW
United States

National Park Service
American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial
Review Type
New revised concept
Previous Review


Dear Mr. Lawler:

In the meeting of 16 November, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed the revised concept design for the American Veterans Disabled for LIFE Memorial at 2nd Street and Washington Avenue, SW. The Commission approved the concept, acknowledging that several aspects of the design should be further considered including site lighting, acknowledgment of the C Street right-of-way, and the choice of plantings. Regarding the proposed triangular pool, the Commission members had several concerns: its large scale; the edge treatment; the flow and acoustics of the water; its appearance during the months when it will not have water; and its height above grade. Some of these design issues relate to the pool's potential use as a walking surface when dry, which will have a significant impact on the character of the site.

The Commission members appreciate the design team's creativity in reconfiguring the design elements in response to new site constraints and look forward to further review of the project. As always, the Commission staff is available to assist you as you prepare the final design for submission.


/s/Thomas Luebke, AIA

Joseph M. Lawler, Regional Director
National Capital Region
National Park Service
1100 Ohio Drive, SW
Washington, DC 20242

cc: John Parsons, NPS
Michael Vergason, Michael Vergason Landscape Architects, Ltd.
C. Thomas Busch, Sr., Disabled Veterans' LIFE Memorial Foundation, Inc.