CFA 16/OCT/03-17


Hardy Middle School
1819 35th Street, NW (at Wisconsin Avenue)
United States

D.C. Public Schools
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Hardy Middle School
Additions and renovation. (Note: see case #OG 02-335)
Review Type
Previous Review


Dear Ms. Woodhead:

During its meeting of 16 October, the Commission reviewed and approved the final designs for the rehabilitation and additions to the Hardy Middle School located at 1819 35th Street, NW in the Georgetown Historic District. We are happy to see the project move forward in conformance with the approved concept design reviewed last November.

The demolition of the existing gym and its replacement with a new gym addition, as well as the addition of additional classroom space will improve the school facilities to the present standards. The modifications to the site, including the athletic field and access stairs, will be an improvement over the existing conditions.

The final color for the replacement windows, as well as the material selection for the additions can be reviewed from a sample panel built on site prior to ordering materials. Please notify the staff as soon as the material sample panel is ready, so that we may organize an inspection by our Old Georgetown Board of Architectural Review.

Donald A. Capoccia
Vice Chairman

Ms. Sarah Woodhead
DC Public Schools
Planning, Design and Construction
Penn Center
1709 3rd Street, NE-3rd Floor
Washington, DC 20002

cc: David Husson, DCPS
William Levine, EYP