CFA 16/OCT/03-3

United States

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Metro canopy project. 53 locations, system wide. Standardized system to cover exposed escalator entrances. (Previous: CFA 20/SEP/01-6)
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Dear Mr. White:

In connection with its meeting on 16 October, the Commission made an inspection tour to the L'Enfant Metro Station to see the prototype canopy over the escalator entrance on the comer of Maryland Avenue and 7th Street, SW. The members were pleased with the quality of the canopy's construction and finish. While there were still a few minor details to be completed on that canopy, overall the structure was thought to be well executed. The design and fabrication teams should be commended for their efforts to maintain the original design's crisp appearance and simplicity. Not placing or incorporating signs on the canopy helps in that regard, too.

The only area of concern was that of cleaning. The members encourage Metro to develop a schedule for the periodic cleaning of the canopy, on both the top and under sides of the glass. This will be imperative to maintaining a welcoming appearance as one enters the Metro system.

As with the concept scheme, the members found the prototype to be complementary to the coffered design of the underground station and symbolically appropriate for the Metro System. The design of the canopy system was unanimously approved for installation on the balance of the station entrances with uncovered escalators (exclusive of the special locations previously identified). If the canopy system undergoes any additional changes as the implementation program progresses, we wish to be informed so as to assess the need for any further review.


Donald A. Copoccia
Vice Chairman

Mr. Richard A. White
General Manager
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
600 Fifth Street; NW
Washington, DC  20001

cc: Ed Riley, AlA, WMATA/ENGA
John Thomas, WMATA/CONS
Joseph T. Triolo, WMATA
Michael Me Bride; WMATA
Jon Lourie & Richard Chenoweth
Richard Houghton