CFA 17/FEB/05-1

United States

National Coalition to Save Our Mall
The National Mall Third Century Initiative. The Future of The National Mall report. Informational presentation


Dear Dr. Feldman:

The members thank you for the informational presentation on The Future of the National Mall report of the National Coalition to the Save Our Mall during our meeting of 17 February 2005 and wish to acknowledge your group's growing advocacy for improved stewardship of the National Mall. As you know, many of the same issues the report touches on have been and will continue to be of great concern to the Commission.

As one of the principal agencies that has an obligation to consider future developments proposed for the Mall, we take a great interest in the conclusions and initiatives that your presentation outlined. It is never too late to plan for the future of the Mall and perhaps the timing is right, as the report states, to create a new "vision" for this great symbolic space. We look forward to continued participation in this dialogue and the exchange of ideas that hopefully will lead to improvements for the National Mall's future stewardship.

During the meeting, the Chairman invited you to join the Commission at its future site inspection and suggested that in the near future the Commission, the National Capital Planning Commission and the National Park Service should have a joint session to discuss this all-important subject. You would be encouraged to testify at that time as well. I will be in contact with you soon to coordinate these events.


/s/Frederick J. Lindstrom
Acting Secretary

Judy Scott Feldman, Ph.D.
Chair, National Coalition to Save Our Mall
9507 Overlea Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

cc: Kent Cooper, FAIA, NCTSOM
John Parsons, NPS
Vicki Keys, NPS