CFA 17/JAN/13-f


United States

DC Water
Six sites along the Anacostia River Tunnel alignment
DC Clean Rivers Project, Contract Division H--Anacostia River Tunnel
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No objection to the proposed final design for the installation of six access points to below-grade tunnel infrastructure, each with an above-grade electrical cabinet, as shown in materials received and dated 6 December 2012. The locations of the access points are: Poplar Point Junction Shaft, western portion of a triangular area bounded by Suitland Parkway, South Capitol Street, and I-295; CSO 019 Diversion, south of RFK Stadium along RFK Access Road; CSO 018 Diversions, adjacent to Barney Circle in grassed triangular area along I-695; M Street Drop Shaft, adjacent to Boathouse Row, south of the intersection of M and Water Streets, SE; CSO 005 Diversions, adjacent to National Capital Parks East offices and the WMATA Anacostia Metro parking facility; and CSO 007 Drop Shaft, adjacent to the southbound 11th Street Bridge. This project is part of the DC Clean Rivers Project Contract Division H-Anacostia River Tunnel.