CFA 17/JUN/04-10


National Law Enforcement Museum
United States

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
National Law Enforcement Museum
Judiciary Square (Federal Reservation #7), E Street between Court Buildings E and C, and north of Old City Hall. Informational report on design developments and project coordination
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Dear Mr. Buckley:

The Commission thanks you for the informational presentation during our 17 June 2004 meeting on the recent design developments for the National Law Enforcement Museum. The members were very encouraged to hear of your efforts to advance the coordination of the museum project with the D.C. Courts project to adapt the Old City Hall for their use. The key to the success of these two contiguous projects will be in their careful coordination. Hopefully the ability to share the loading dock and other support facilities will further strengthen the design of both projects and help to reduce the impact of these service functions on the historic precinct of Judiciary Square and on the memorial plaza.

The new design direction for the museum's two entrance pavilions looks very promising. Reducing their footprint and using more rectilinear forms will do much to make them more contextually comfortable with the surrounding historic structures and the new north entrance pavilion for the courts. The members look forward to your next submission.


/s/Frederick J. Lindstrom
Acting Secretary

Davis Buckley
Davis Buckley Architects
1612 K Street, NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20006

cc: Craig Floyd, NLEOMF
Hany Hassan, BBB