CFA 17/JUN/04-5


Postal Square
2 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
United States

U.S. General Services Administration
Postal Square
Replacement stair and signs (Previous: CFA 18/APR/96-10)
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Dear Mr. McGill:

At its 17 June 2004 meeting, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed the proposed designs for new signs and replacement stairs for the Capitol City Brewing Company restaurant located in the Postal Square Building, 2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE. The new signs were approved, provided that the supports utilize the same anchoring points as the existing awnings so as not to damage or alter the stone in the building's facade. In addition, all the existing awnings with the restaurant's name and logo should be removed to lend a less cluttered appearance to the building's monumental facade.

As for the replacement stairways, the members found them to be an improvement over the existing wooden stairs, however, they suggested the design be modified to allow the stairs to flair out slightly at the bottom of the run. This would provide a more welcoming and generous ascent to the restaurant. When the revised plans are ready, please submit them to the staff for our delegated approval. The staff is available to assist you and the design team should questions arise.


/s/Frederick J. Lindstrom
Acting Secretary

Michael McGill
Special Assistant for Regional Coordination
General Services Administration
301 7th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20407-0001

cc: Gary Porter, GSA