CFA 17/MAR/05-5


Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington Field Office
601 4th Street, NW
United States

U.S. General Services Administration
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington Field Office
Security guard booth at 3rd and G streets. Final


Dear Mr. McGill:

During its meeting 17 March 2005, the Commission reviewed and approved the plans for the proposed new guard house by the loading docks of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Washington Field Office on 4th and F streets on Judiciary Square. The modification of the planter at the side of the vehicular entrance on G Street to accommodate the new guard house was deemed appropriate. The design details of the previously-approved existing guard house on 3rd Street are to be replicated on the new guard house.


/s/Frederick J. Lindstrom
Acting Secretary

Michael S. McGill
Special Assistant for Regional Coordination
U.S. General Services Administration
301 7th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20407-0001