CFA 18/MAR/04-18


Kramer Middle School
1700 Q Street, SE
United States

D.C. Public Schools
Kramer Middle School
Renovations and site alterations
Review Type


Dear Mr. Coleman:

During  its meeting of 18 March, the  Commission  reviewed  and approved  the proposed concept for renovation and site alterations to Kramer Middle School, located at 1700 Q Street, SE The Commission is supportive of the re-use of the existing structure and encourages the timely removal of the existing maintenance facility to provide additional play areas for the students. However, every effort should be made to provide additional parking at the rear of the building, rather than at the prominent comer of Q and 18th Streets. If a reduced number of spaces must occur in this location, additional landscaping  should be provided to screen the parking as much as possible.

The Commission looks forward to further review of this project in the near future.

Charles H. Atherton

Mr. Lucian Coleman
Interim Deputy Director for Planning, Design
District of Columbia Public Schools
1709 3rd Street, NE, 3rd Floor
Washington, DC 20002

cc: Erika Lehman, Grimm + Parker Architects