CFA 18/SEP/14-8

United States

U.S. Department of the Treasury
U.S. Mint
American Eagle Platinum Coin Program for 2015 and 2016
Reverse designs
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Dear Mr. Peterson:

In its meeting of 18 September, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed alternative reverse designs for the continuation of the American Eagle platinum coin series for 2015. Noting that the series already features an allegorical figure of Lady Liberty on the obverse, the Commission members supported reverse alternative #9 depicting an eagle with outstretched wings. As a potential continuation of the series for an additional year using the current submission of alternatives, the Commission also supported alternative #22 for 2016, with the suggestion to refine the awkward position of the eagle's legs and to consider replacing the cluster of arrows with wheat stalks.

As always, the staff is available to assist you with future submissions.


/s/Thomas E. Luebke, FAIA

Richard A. Peterson, Deputy Director
United States Mint
801 9th Street, NW, 8th Floor
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