CFA 19/MAR/20-c


Four locations in the cemetery
Arlington, VA
United States

U.S. Department of the Army
Arlington National Cemetery
Installation of relocatable shelters with solar panels
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No objection to the final design for the installation of four relocatable visitor shelters with roofs of photovoltaic solar panels, as shown in materials received and dated 5 March 2020. For the initial installation, two shelters will be installed, one along the west side of the Custis Walk in Section 40 and the other on the south side Grant Drive in Section 2. In the near future, an additional two shelters will be installed, one on the north side of Patton Circle in Section 64 and the other on the south side of Wilson Drive north of the Memorial Amphitheater. The purpose of these shelters is to enhance visitor comfort and provide charging ports for electronic devices. Refer to the Virginia State Historic Preservation Office.