CFA 19/FEB/04-10


Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg Dwellins HOPE VI Project
Portion bounded by 3rd Street on the west, Virginia Avenue on the north, 7th Street on the east, and M Street, SE on the south.
United States

D.C. Housing Authority
Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg Dwellins HOPE VI Project
New Housing Complex
Review Type
Information Presentation


Dear Mr. Kelly:

During its meeting of 19 February 2004, the Commission appreciated the information presentation for.the Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg HOPE VI Housing Development planned between 3'd, 7th and M Streets, SE and Virginia Avenue. The members support this important housing initiative to rebuild and revitalize this long neglected and distressed public housing complex. The District of Columbia Housing Authority and the Department of Housing and Urban Development should be commended on the innovative HOPE VI program to redevelop and renew these troubled communities.

Although the Commission encourages the development of mixed-income housing and understands the disenfranchisement felt by many of the current residents, there is a continued concern about the propagation of quasi-historic architecture, in the recreation of the "Capitol Hill" effect. This project has the opportunity to reflect the best of contemporary architecture, giving the community a responsive new design rather than a recapitulation of traditional design vocabulary.

The Commission looks forward to review of other projects for the District of Columbia Housing Authority.


Charles H. Atherton

Mr. Michael P. Kelly
Executive Director
DC Housing Authority
1133 North Capitol Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002

cc: Paul Rowe, DCHA
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