CFA 19/JUN/03-14


New Packer Storage Facility (garage for municipal trash collection trucks)
1500 West Virginia Avenue, NE
United States

D.C. Office of Property Management
New Packer Storage Facility (garage for municipal trash collection trucks)
Review Type


Dear Mr. Cyrus:

During its meeting of 19 June, the Commission reviewed the design of the new Packer Storage Facility at 1500 West Virginia Avenue, NE. While the overall design for the structure was well received, there was a recommendation that the roof and side louvers covering the vehicular ramp to the rooftop parking be eliminated from the project. The members felt that an open ramp would add additional animation to this side of the building, and that any safety concerns related to cold weather freezing could be more efficiently, and more cost effectively, managed with a heating system embedded in the deck of the ramp's roadway. This was requested as the members hoped that the elevations and the expression of structure could be kept as simple as possible, which would be appropriate for a facility of this type and size.

With these modifications the submission was approved. The Commission appreciates the city's efforts to improve this facility's appearance. It should prove to be an enhancement to this area of the city. Please submit the final plans for review when ready.


David M. Childs, FAlA

Ralph W. Cyrus Jr.
COTR, Project Manager
Government of the District of Columbia
Office of Property Management
Capital Construction Services Administration
2000 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

cc: Austin L. Spriggs