CFA 19/MAR/09-h


Four entrance gates & Fort McNair, Washington, DC: Ceremonial Gate
Arlington, VA
United States

U.S. Department of the Army
Fort Myer Military Community
Security upgrades for Access Control Points
Review Type


No objection to the proposed security upgrades to four Access Control Points (ACPs) at Fort Myer and at the Fort McNair Ceremonial Gate, as shown in materials received and dated 5 March 2009. The proposed upgrades include the installation of new canopies, traffic islands, guard booths, security systems, and utility buildings. The four ACPs at Fort Myer include Wright Gate, Henry Gate, and Henderson Hall Gates 1 and 3. Recommend, at the Fort McNair Ceremonial Gate only, that all trim on the proposed new canopy be painted a dark color compatible with the color of the historic metal gates and fence. Refer the Fort McNair proposal to the District of Columbia Historic Preservation Review Board and the Fort Myer proposals to the Virginia State Historic Preservation Office.