CFA 20/JAN/11-e


Robert C. Weaver Building - 451 7th Street SW
United States

U.S. General Services Administration
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Replacement windows and other building modifications
Review Type


No objection to the proposed building modifications that include: the replacement of all the existing upper-floor window units with new fixed aluminum frames and double glazing to match the profiles and finishes of the original single- glazed window units; the addition of three rooftop vent stacks; the addition of a new shade canopy with photovoltaic roof panels; the installation of an array of photovoltaic roof panels on the main roof of the southeast and southwest wings; the installation of 9,800 square feet of green roof and pavers to create a new roof terrace; the installation of a new 2 foot by 7 foot louver in the east penthouse wall; and the addition of a new gas meter with a walled enclosure within the bicycle parking area on the ground level plaza under the northwest wing, as shown in materials received and dated 6 January 2011.