CFA 20/JAN/11-q


Locations on: I-395, New York Avenue, Anacostia Freeway and Kenilworth Avenue - Nine locations on city freeways and highways
United States

D.C. Department of Transportation
Dynamic Message Signs - 11 installations
Review Type


No objection to the proposed installation of dynamic message signs at nine sites on freeways throughout the city, including three signs on the Anacostia Freeway and Kenilworth Avenue, two signs on New York Avenue, and two signs on I-395 at the southern ends of the Arland D. Williams Memorial Bridge and the George Mason Memorial Bridge in Arlington, Virginia, as shown in materials received and dated 28 December 2011. Recommend coordinating with the Virginia Department of Transportation, Federal Highways, National Park Service, the Department of Defense (Pentagon), and the Federal Aviation Administration (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport).