CFA 20/MAY/04-1

Project name
Congressional Gold Medal for Jackie Robinson

United States

U.S. Department of the Treasury
U.S. Mint
Design for a gold medal and bronze duplicates
Review Type
Design. (Previous: CFA 20/MAR/97-5: $5 and $1 silver commemorative)


Dear Ms. Fore:

At its 20 May meeting, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed designs for a Congressional Gold Medal to Jackie Robinson (posthumously). The recommendations were as follows:


The portrait was thought to be a very good one. The only recommendation was that the ampersand in the inscription should be replaced with the word "and" for the sake of consistency. This could be accomplished by moving the inscription up slightly so that the word could be placed between "justice" and "human", to the far right, as was done with "a", "of" and "for".


The recommendation was that the ribbon scroll, since it no longer would contain any words, be eliminated, and the palmetto-like design at the top of the  shield be completed and made slightly smaller so that it does not come so close to the edge of the medal. The only oilier change requested was that Mr. Robinson's birth and death dates be placed below his name, adjusting the size of the letters forming the quotation as necessary.


Frederick J. Lindstrom
Acting Secretary

Henrietta Holsman Fore, Director
United States Mint
801 9th Street, 8th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20220