CFA 20/MAY/04-15


O and P Streets, NW between 37th and Wisconsin Avenue (Georgetown)
United States

D.C. Department of Transportation
Rehabilitation of streets and removal of trolley tracks. Concept


Dear Mr. Tangherlini:

The Commission appreciates the presentation of the project for the Rehabilitation of 0 and P Streets NW during its meeting 20 May 2004. As the project is located within the Georgetown Historic District, it was presented to our Old Georgetown Board at their meeting of 6 May.

The proposed rehabilitation of the cobblestone streets was well received. The re-use of salvaged historic cobblestones is essential for  the preservation of the historic character of the streets. As such, the new granite cobblestones needed to fill gaps must be as close a match as possible to the existing. The same can be applied to the use of salvaged brick on the sidewalks with new bricks to match existing. As the historic bluestone curbs will be salvaged and re-used, we encourage you to look for replacement bluestone curbs, rather than granite, particularly where cobblestones pave the street. The replacement street lights will match the height and number of the existing lampposts. The new concrete crosswalks and ramps should match, as  close  as possible, the color of the cobblestones. Please see the attached Report of the Old Georgetown Board with a list of comments.

The members had no objection to the removal of the trolley tracks from the main thoroughfares, provided a portion of them can be retained in-situ in its original context. DDOT's proposal to expose the tracks found under the asphalt of the one block on 36th Street between 0 and P streets, and restore the cobblestones to the street, was viewed as an acceptable compromise.   With these caveats, the project was approved.


Frederick Lindstrom
Acting Secretary

Dan Tangherlini, Director
DC Department of Transportation
2000 14th Street, NW
6th floor
Washington, DC 20009