CFA 20/MAY/04-16


MacFarland Middle School
4400 Iowa Avenue, NW
United States

D.C. Public Schools
MacFarland Middle School
Additions and modernization. Concept


Dear Mr. Williams:

During its meeting of 20 May, the Commission reviewed the proposed concept for the modernization of and the additions to MacFarland Middle School, located on 4400 Iowa Avenue. Although the concept for the building was approved, significant changes are required on the site plan. The area in front of the building, containing the only remaining green space on the property should remain open and not be completely taken up by the proposed vehicular passenger drop-off area. Instead, the parking on the side of the building should be reconfigured to accommodate the required accessible entrance and drop-off area, while maintaining parking behind the building.

The Commission looks forward to future reviews of this project. As always, the staff is available should you require guidance.

Frederick Lindstrom
Acting Secretary

Gregory Williams
Executive Director, Office of Facilities Management
District of Columbia Public Schools
1709 3rd Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002

cc: Paul Falkenbury, Samaha Associates