CFA 21/NOV/19-h


11 sites in Capitol Hill
Washington, DC
United States

D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities
D.C. Department of Transportation
Streetlight poles in public space
Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Art Project
Review Type


No objection to the final designs for the installation of the following ten artworks on streetlight poles located in public space in the Capitol Hill area of the city, as shown in materials received and dated 6 November 2020. Refer to DC Historic Preservation Office.1. "Ant" at A & 7th Streets,SE, by Carolina Mayorga 2. "Anteater" at A & 7th Streets, SE, by Beth Baldwin 3. "Bee" at Browns Court & 6th Street, SE, by Maureen Smith 4. "Bunny" at Bay & 17th Streets, SE, by Breon Gilleran & Mary Frank 5. "Cat" at C & 9th Streets, SE, by David Prete 6. "Horseshoe Crab" at H & 16th Streets, SE, by Susan Champeny 7. "Monkey" at 7th & M Streets, SE, by Undine Brod 8. "Emperor Penguin" at Potomac Avenue & 12th Street, SE, by Evan Reed 9. "T is for Tortoise" at F Street Terrace, SE, by Mary Frank 10. "Woodthrushes Wander Washington" at Walter & 12th Streets, SE, by Charles Bergen