CFA 21/APR/05-8


Bolling Air Force Base
Giovannoli Street and McGuire Avenue, SW
United States

U.S. Department of the Air Force
Bolling Air Force Base
New one-story building for a U.S. Coast Guard Station
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Dear Major Domahoski:

During its meeting of 21 April 2005, the Commission reviewed the proposed concept for a new one-story building to house the U.S. Coast Guard Station on Bolling Air Force Base. While strongly supporting a more contemporary approach to the design of this new building, the Commission understands the desire to conform to more historically-based design standards associated with the location and program.

With the historical approach, the excellence of the detailing is key to the overall success of the design. With this in mind, the portico of the current proposal should be simplified. The amount of brick should be reduced so that the datum created is significantly lower than the window sill and resembles part of the foundation rather than a portion of the wall. In addition, the windows should be configured in such a way that the shutters appear to be operable. With these suggestions in mind, the Commission strongly encourages the applicant to reevaluate the desire and intention to contain all of the program in one building. If a separate building were created for boat maintenance and storage, there would be more flexibility in the design of the building containing the remaining program. On a final note, the Commission questions the need for the surrounding eight foot fence on an already secure military base. However, if the desire is to dissuade pedestrians from crossing the property, a significantly lower ornamental fence would be preferred.

The Commission looks forward to the continued review of this project. Please submit a revised concept for review when ready. As always, the staff is available to assist you.


/s/Thomas Luebke, AIA

Peter A. Domahoski, Major, USAF
Chief, Engineering Flight, Department of the Air Force, 11th Wing
370 Brookley Avenue, Suite 205
Bolling AFB, DC 20032

cc: Michael Schmidt, USCG Facilites Design and Construction Center (Atlantic)
USCG Facilites Design and Construction Center
5505 Robin Hood Road, Suite K
Norfolk, VA 23513-2431