CFA 21/JUN/07-8


Benning Road Bridge
Benning Road over the Anacostia River, NE
United States

D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities
Benning Road Bridge
Sculptural enhancements by Garth Edwards


Dear Mr. Gittens:

In its meeting of 21 June, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed and approved with comments the concept proposal for the installation of sculptures on the Benning Road Bridge by artist Garth Edwards.

The Commission members said that the series of sculptures to be placed on the piers of the bridge's side rails were appealing and appropriate enhancements. However, they commented that the four tower-like basket elements to be located the ends of the bridge as gateway signifiers would detract from the other sculptural elements; they recommended that these be deleted from the proposal. As an alternative to these tall baskets, they suggested that the sculptures on the first pair of piers at both ends of the bridge could be emphasized to create gateway elements announcing the crossing of the river.

In addition, the Commission recommended that the artist, along with your Commission, consult the local neighborhood organizations on both sides of the river to bring together a community consensus on this project as it develops.

The Commission members delegated final approval to the staff.



Thomas E. Luebke, AIA

Anthony Gittens
Executive Director
D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities
410 Eighth Street, NW, Fifth Floor
Washington, DC 20004