CFA 21/NOV/02-11


McKinley Technical Senior High School
2nd and T streets, NE
United States

D.C. Public Schools
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
McKinley Technical Senior High School
Phase III, Egress stair and elevated walkway addition. (Previous: CFA 17/JAN/02-12)
Review Type
Concept-new scheme


Dear Mr. Block:

During its 21 November meeting, the Commission reviewed a new concept for the addition of an egress stair and elevated walkway to the McKinley Senior High School at 2nd and T Streets, NE. The members preferred the brick-faced egress stair, Option #3, as shown in the presentation. The suggestion was made that additional study be given to the configuration of the walkway bridge. With the size of the egress stair addition reduced, the bridge has grown in length and appears to need more visible structural support. This could be accomplished with either a supplemental center pier or a walkway that has stronger bridge-like structural elements. In addition, to supplement the new construction, the members suggested that landscaping be placed in front of or under the bridge to screen the parking lot on the other side from the neighborhood to the east.

The members look forward to the review of the final design and construction documents. Please submit them when ready. Should questions arise, the staff is available to provide guidance.

Harry G. Robinson III, FAIA

Stanley N. Block, P.E.
Chief, Design Management Branch
Department of the Army
Baltimore District, US Army Corps of Engineers
P.O. Box 1715
Baltimore, MD 21203-1715

cc: Sarah Woodhead, DC PS
Walter Hernson, DC PS
Antoine Plessy, US Army Corps of Engineers
Michael Brodrick,  McKissack and McKissack