CFA 21/OCT/04-5


Bureau of Engraving and Printing, main building
14h Street and Raoul Wallenburg Place (15th Street), SW
United States

U.S. Department of the Treasury
Bureau of Engraving and Printing, main building
Replacement guard booths
Review Type


Dear Mr. Sirinakis:

During its meeting of 21 October 2004, the Commission reviewed a submission by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for two replacement guard booths at the Bureau’s Main building between 14th Street and Raoul Wallenburg Place, SW. At the beginning of the presentation, it was requested that the review of the booth at the northeast corner of the building, location 1M-13, be postponed, as it was undergoing additional design development to better incorporate it into the wall of the existing planter. The members thought that this would be an improvement and look forward to reviewing a revised design when ready.

As for the design of the other booth, at the southeastern corner of the building, location BM-12, the members had no objection to the design of the booth as presented. However, it was suggested that every opportunity to remove the excessive clutter around the booth should be taken. In this regard, the members suggested that the surrounding bollards be incorporated into the design of the booth itself, as the bollards will have to be removed for the new construction. The booth’s lower walls may have to become thicker to accommodate the additional structure, but this will produce a much cleaner and uncluttered look for this highly visible corner.

The Commission looks forward to further review of this project as the designs develop and suggests that for the next submission material and paint samples be submitted. As always, the staff is available should you, your staff or the design team require guidance.


/s/Frederick J. Lindstrom
Acting Secretary

Mr. James G. Sirinakis
Chief, Office of Facilities Support
Department of the Treasury
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Washington, DC 20228

cc: Joseph Mancuso, Project Manager, BEP