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Naval Observatory
Massachusetts Avenue and 34th Street, NW
United States

U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of the Navy
Naval Observatory
New building to house the National Master Clock
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Dear Mr. Bryan:

During its meeting of 21 October 2004, the Commission received a presentation on the proposed new building for the National Master Clock Facility at the Naval Observatory. We understand that several existing structures that may be considered contributing to the historic character of the Naval Observatory will be demolished as part of the project. The members did not comment on the project as they felt they did not have enough information on the existing structures; they also thought that the materials submitted were not adequate to fully represent the building site of the proposed new building.

In order to gather the necessary information, the members requested a site inspection to the Naval Observatory be set up in the future so that they can examine the project site. We will be glad to arrange for a site inspection visit before our December meeting which is scheduled for 16 December. The staff is available to assist you in coordinating for the visit, and can be contacted at 202 504-2200.


/s/Frederick J. Lindstrom
Acting Secretary

Mr. Mike Bryan
Acting Base Development Business Line Coordinator
Department of the Navy
Naval Facilities Engineering Command Washington
1314 Harwood Street, SE
Washington Navy Yard
Washington, DC 20374-5018

cc: Melissa Devnich, NFC