CFA 21/OCT/10-j


Capital Bikeshare Program - 100 locations throughout the city
United States

D.C. Department of Transportation
New bicycle sharing stations
Review Type


Projects approved by delegation. See letter dated 20 September 2010. Final plans conform to previously approved concept design; case number CFA 15/JUL/10-g.


Dear Mr. Klein:

The staff of the Commission of Fine Arts has reviewed the submitted locations for the installation of 90 Capital Bikeshare stations part of the planned program of 100 new stations. With the exception of the 21 locations listed below, the staff has no objection to the locations for these stations and, with the authority delegated by the Commission at its meeting of 15 July 2010, we approve the remaining 69 of the 90 locations as documented in the drawings and materials received and dated 2 September 2010.

The following locations are not included in this approval and are of special concern that will require additional information, details and further review:

(#5) 3500 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
(#6) Prospect and 36th Streets, NW
(#7) 1045 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
(#9) 3000 Connecticut Avenue, NW
(#11) 900 30th Street, NW
(#13) 2700 F Street, NW
(#14) 3000 Adams Mill Road, NW
(#42) 710 M Street, NW
(#51) 917 17th Street, NW
(#52) 2025 E Street, NW
(#53) E and 19th Streets, NW
(#54) 814 Vermont Avenue, NW
(#56) 730 15th Street, NW
(#61) 441 4th Street, NW
(#62) 1200 Independence Avenue, SW
(#63) 7th and C Streets, SW
(#64) 10 4th Street, SW
(#67) 501 block of New Jersey Avenue, NW
(#68) 600 1st Street, NE
(#74) 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
(#76) 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE

If there are any additional changes to the approved locations please contact the staff to determine if additional review will be required. As always, the staff is available to assist you with the more detailed submission of the excepted locations, as well as the remaining ten locations in the Capital Bikeshare program.


/s/Thomas E. Luebke, AIA

Gabe Klein, Director
District of Columbia Department of Transportation
2000 14th Street, NW, 7th Floor
Washington, DC 20009

cc: Chris Holben, D.C. Department of Transportation
James R. Sebastian, D.C. Department of Transportation