CFA 22/APR/03-1


World War II Memorial
17th Street at the Rainbow Pool
United States

American Battle Monuments Commission
National Park Service
World War II Memorial
Review Type
Revised designs
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Dear General Kelley:

During its 22 April meeting, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed the last of the outstanding proposed inscriptions for the National World War II Memorial. Included in the submission were inscriptions for the Announcement Stone, the coping in  front of the Freedom Wall, and two supplemental inscriptions for the east rampart walls. The two new quotes proposed for the rampart walls were found to be appropriate and fittingly reinforce the themes of democracy and universal participation in the war effort. The new text for the Freedom Wall coping also was deemed appropriate and pointedly concise in its meaning. These inscriptions were approved as submitted.

The text for the Announcement Stone also was felt to be acceptable, provided the layout is realigned so that, after the colon, the last line on the stone contains the entire phrase---"A Nation Conceived in Liberty and Justice." With this minor adjustment, the stone's inscription was approved. These reviews complete those for the inscriptions.

The Commission looks forward to the review of the next set of bas-relief panels. The staff is available to coordinate a site visit as soon as they are ready.


Harry G. Robinson III, FAIA

General Paul X. Kelley, USMC (Ret.)
Chairman, American Battle Monuments Commission
Courthouse Plaza II, Suite 501
2300 Clarendon Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201

cc: Terry Carlstrom, National Park Service
John Parsons, National Park Service
Michael G. Conley, ABMC
William B. Owenby, ABMC
General John Herding, ABMC