OG 03-060

HPA number
HPA 03-105

3222 M Street, NW
United States

Georgetown Park – The Shops
Enclosure of arcade and new storefronts
Review Type


Recommend AGAINST issuance of permit for enclosure of arcade with proposed storefront which is inappropriate and incompatible with the character of the original historic facade retained at the second floor level, which is an element contributing to the Historic District. No objection to general concept for enclosure of arcade with a design that is compatible with historic character of the facade. Recommend further study of alternative design for new storefronts in-keeping with details of existing storefronts elsewhere in Georgetown Park. The Commission regrets that after comments for further study were offered during the Board review of January 3, 2003, installation of the storefronts was commenced without a permit or approval. File new submission of alternate design with new permit application for review by the Commission when ready. Note is made that permit application is pending final zoning review which should be completed prior to re-submission.