OG 03-130

HPA number
HPA 03-250

1329 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
United States

Alterations and reconstruction of demolished building
Review Type


Returned without Action. Submitted materials are inaccurate and insufficient for permit review. See attached list of required drawings, which, as noted, must include existing conditions of historic wall, dimensioned elevation and plan drawings, a site plan indicating location of rear wall with door openings, and details, including those for proposed doors and windows. Applicant has failed to demonstrate technique for stabilization of historic wall as requested. Applicant has failed to respond to requests for information given during concept review where same proposal was disapproved. See previous Recommendation for the preservation of the existing historic front wall (OG 03-085). In addition, information on location of mechanical equipment on roof or elsewhere, as well as information on front wall of second floor addition, is lacking in this permit submission. File new submission of required drawings, preferably for concept review, and for the stabilization of historic wall during design phase as requested. Note is made that permit application is pending final zoning review which should be resolved prior to new submission and further review by the Commission.