OG 03-133


901 30th Street, NW
United States

D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Harbourside Development, North Building
New mixed-use building
Review Type
Revised concept. (Last seen: CFA 22 April 2003)
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Dear Mr. Novak:

During its meeting of 19 June 2003, the Commission reviewed and approved the revised concept design for the proposed North Building, part of the development project called Harbourside to be located at 901 30th Street, NW, in Georgetown. The Commission believes the design has been greatly improved from what was reviewed in April. Moving the entrance to 30th Street helps enliven the pedestrian experience on this portion of the street. The louvered sun shades, an integral feature of the cantilevered upper third and fourth floors, reinforce the design's horizaontality and its relationship with the House of Sweden to its south.

After considering the options presented by the architect, Mr. Arthur Cotton Moore, the combination of the entrance option 1, which includes the central stairs and the two handicapped access ramps centered along 30th Street, and the detailing of the columns as shown in column option A was approved in concept for further development.

We look forward to the review of the design development of the overall project, including the North Building, the House of Sweden building and the landscape plan for the various parks, prior to the submission of working drawings and permit application.



David M. Childs, FAIA


Alan Novak

Lano International

3050 K Street, NW suite 201

Washington, DC 2007

cc: Arthur Cotton Moore

Peter Ohstedht, Swedish National Property Board

Gert Wingardh, Wingardh Architects

John Parsons, NPS