OG 03-218

HPA number
HPA 03-406

1241 30th Street, NW
United States

New basement door for passageway to rear, and replacement siding
Review Type


No objection to issuance of permit for proposed removal of vinyl siding on side wall and rear and replacement with clapboard siding to match dimensions and detailing of historic wood siding. Submitted materials and a site visit of 24 June 2003 indicate that proposed new door opening at basement level for passageway to rear and alterations to side steps, all behind existing wood gate, will not be visible from public thoroughfare. Refer to the Historic Preservation Review Board. Note is made that permit application is pending final zoning review. Any modifications to the approved design as a result of further review in the permit process that would make any part of the project visible from public thoroughfare must be submitted to the Commission for approval.