OG 04-176a

HPA number
HPA 04-293

3124 Q Street, NW
United States

Bowie-Sevier-Miller House
Alterations to pergola, pool cabanas, fence and new stair
Review Type
revision to permit


Recommend AGAINST issuance of permit for proposed revision to approved design to introduce a metal stair and an iron fence which would negatively impact the openness of the alley, an integral part of the approved design; and for the proposed raising of the alley wall, which is to remain as low as possible; and for the alterations to the fireplace / exhaust which was built wider than approved and is faced with stone. Recommend return to size and proportions of approved design for 6-ft wide brick fireplace, and installation of low planter at end of alley. See previous Recommendation (OG 02-301). No objection to issuance of permit for proposed revisions to approved design for existing 44-inch high fence atop pool retaining wall facing 32nd Street, and for existing brick paving of driveway to garage, and for alterations to design of pool cabanas and pergola. Recommend stone alley wall is retained and terminated with a stone pier at end of stucco wall. The retaining wall on 32nd Street will not be enlarged as confirmed in supplemental drawings received and dated 28 May 2004 which indicate extent of approved wall. The Commission regrets that so many parts of the project have been completed or initiated without review or permit and requests that approved landscaping atop wall and grading of landscaped berm at base of retaining wall along 32nd Street be installed as agreed.