OG 04-186b

HPA number
HPA 04-305

1400 34th Street, NW
United States

Alterations, 2-car garage on stone wall and curb-cut
Review Type
Concept - appeal


No objection to general concept of proposed re-construction of previously existing garage opening on the O Street facade of building to align with existing curb-cut as shown in historic photograph in owner's records. Concept design for a double-wide curb-cut and two garage doors on stone retaining wall as originally proposed, which would have an adverse impact on 1865-1870 historic structure, was NOT approved. No objection to removal of A/C units, and repair of walls, and for new wrought iron railing to replace existing wood railing on roof deck, which is out-of-character and inappropriate in this location and was replaced without review or permit. See previous Recommendation (OG 04-118). File new submission of working drawings, including dimensions and details, with permit application for approved alterations, re-construction of previously existing garage door opening, roof deck railing and repair of stone wall for review by the Commission when ready.